Twelve Literary Arts 

An ecosystem for poets and writers of color 

Meet TLA's 2019-20 Glenville Artists-in-Residence  

Dr. Naazneen Diwan

Dr. Naazneen Diwan is a queer, Muslim poet, educator, and founding member of The Muslim Writers Collective. With a PhD in Gender Studies from UCLA, she has taught courses in Arabic, Interracial Solidarity, Gender and Knowledge, Disability Studies and Gender and Race in the U.S.  for over 12 years. Over the course of her residency at the Glenville Arts Campus, Naazneen will deepen the impact of the Muslim Writers Collective by providing workshops, lectures, salons and readings in the Glenville neighborhood in celebration of Muslim identity across race and gender. 

Mary Barrett

Mary Barrett is a poet, dancer, teaching artist, and arts administrator. She has performed and lectured in more than a dozen cities across the U.S. Mary is a graduate of The Cleveland School of the Arts, where she majored in dance and literary arts with a concentration in poetry and performance. Mary has presented at scholarly conferences and has co-facilitated workshops on the intersection of artivism and education. She is the 2018 Youth Grand Slam Poetry Champion. During the course of her residency at The Glenville Arts, Mary will complete a full-length collection of poetry and will perform her poems on the campus and at schools across the Glenville neighborhood. 

ThirdSpace Action lab

ThirdSpace Action Lab was founded by Evelyn Burnett and Mordecai Cargill to disrupt the vicious cycle of disinvestment and displacement that negatively impacts the vitality of low-income communities of color.  TSAL is a grassroots research, strategy & design cooperative, dedicated to prototyping creative place-based solutions to complex socioeconomic problems. Over the course of their residency period, ThirdSpace Action Lab will create a coffee house/performance space on the first floor of The Madison Building on the Glenville Arts Campus for visiting artists, while coachingGAC artists to expand and strategize their artmaking into acts of creative placemaking.